Purpose of This Paper This documents aims to capture the Minimum Viable Version of Pukena.Ng for the first 6 months between August 20th 2017 to Feb 20 2018.
The founder aims to show by this paper what he can do if given a loan of N400, 000 from family and friends. He believes that when he succeeds with N400,000 loan to launch Pukena and bootstrap for the first 6 month, he stands a better chance to attract equity investors who will then invest huge sums to scale the business.
MVP Area of Coverage: Aguda, Bode Thomas, Adeniran Ogunsanya
Service Categories To Launch: Food Delivery, Event Services (Party Rentals, Photography, Photography, Event Mc, Wedding Decorator, Caterer), Home maintenance Services (Carpenter, Plumbing, Generator Repairer, Painter, Home/ Office Cleaner, Electrician, etc)
How Pukena Works 1.Select a Service: Clients select a service they need from the list of categories on our website (we are developing an accompanying mobile app to be launched in 20…

Don't Invest in BTC Prominer For Now, I am thinking They Have Stopped Paying!!

Yes, I guess they have stopped paying as I have 3 blocks of  withdrawals still pending.

They might still pay especially since my account is still mining more bitcoins. I am due for another minimum withdrawal of 5 dollars tomorrow but my last two withdrawals are yet to be confirmed. A friend of mine I asked also complained the same thing.

So I think it is in the best interest of my growing blog readers and prospective investors who might be planning to invest in Btc prominer to suspend that plan for now.

Instead invest in other paying programs that I have reviews on this blog such as Coinexpro, Richmondberks and Btc Buzz.

Study them well before making your decision to invest.

Today is Exactly 10 Days After I Deposited, I Just Withdrew 100% of My Investment!

Am I simply lucky? Maybe!

But here I am today, victorious! Smiling to the Bank!

CoinexPro is an investment company that pays you 10% interest on any deposit and 15% referral bonus.

Today is exactly 10 days after my first deposit and I can tell you that they paid me every kobo, including my impressive referral bonuses.

What are you still waiting for? This is the best time to dive in!

Imagine investing N100,000 worth of bitcoins and in 10 days, you get your 100, 000 back and still have your principal working for you daily!

That's amazing!

Just 12 days in existence, I can tell you this is the best time to invest. The platform looks professional and withdrawal is instant to your bitcoin wallet.

You referral bonus is automatically added to your deposit balance thereby increasing your earning!!

Don't waste any more time, invest NOW!


Almost on daily basis I reel out different online money making platforms that are paying me.

Now I understand that with tons and tons of them coming out everyday, it is difficult to know which is scam and which is not.
Hence I started this blog. Every online investment reviewed on this blog has been tested by me and certified paying before I post them. That's, however, no guarantee that it would not stop paying sometime in future.
I have tons of investment opportunities I am still studying and testing with my money which I have not posted i this blog. Unlike other blogs that just post content for traffic, I am very particular about the safety of my blog readers. Hence I MUST try it first before I post it.
Now, I have posted quite some contents in the past one week since I launched this blog and a lot of people have signed up for some of the reviewed online investments.
But among all the reviewed online investments, one still stands out for me...
I just love the beauty of BTC BUZZ!

I Made My First Withdrawal from CoinexPro This Morning

What a way to start this weekend guys!

Few days ago I showed you a website I discovered that promises to pay 10% of every deposit you make for life. Read that post here.

Well, I was very skeptical at first. How can a company pay 10% daily for life? Is that possible? Even my darling Richmond Berks don't pay that much.

Anyway, I decided to still take the risk; so I deposited 0.01btc (12$) that day.

I actually forgot about the money, still believing they can't keep to their promise.

But then again, being just 8 days old, I figured out I might just be among the lucky ones to be impressed by the company before they start misbehaving.

So once in a while, I would log in to check and I would see that my account balance with them was actually growing by the day. But I was reluctant to withdraw just to avoid being disappointed and having a bad day!.

But this morning, I decided to give it a try and withdraw $4 that has accumulated over the past 3 days or so.

Instantly, my blockchain wal…

A Social Media Like Facebook That Pays Its Users for logging in Every Day!

How many hours do you spend on Facebook daily on the average?

I have 5,000 friends and family on Facebook and spend practically all day logged on to Facebook.
Infact, I spent a good chunk of my life on facebook daily.

In addition to that, as a Cyber Cafe Owner, I open an average of 15 facebook accounts for newbies everyday.

In fact, I have become an uncommisioned facebook marketer every  time I ask a friend. " Are you on facebook?"

But how much those Facebook pay me for being one of its active members? NOTHING!

With more than $1 billion per quarter in advertising revenue and 1.2 billion monthly active users, few realize that Facebook is more than just a social networking site – it's a shrewdly run corporation, worth more than $100 billion.

You deserve to be paid for every comment you make, every picture you post and even for the likes you click....

But you do all these for free, while Mark smiles to the bank!!

Imagine having to be paid a few cents for every comment you m…